Life is the best education for a GP

PULSE, the British General Practitioner website has an amusing article by Dr. Zoe Norris, titled “Life is the best education for a GP”. I agree wholeheartedly.

Some examples:

1) Sit up all night with a child who has acute otitis media until their ear drum perforates.

2) Have at least two acute admissions: one that turns out to be nothing (trapped wind is a good one), and one that results in a hospital stay of at least 48 hours.

3) Try one dose of everything you prescribe.

4) Have at least one unpleasant examination.

5) Breastfeed. And bottle feed. Preferably with a normal baby who doesn’t know how to do either, while you are horribly sleep deprived.

6) Take a course of antibiotics without missing a dose. You can’t, can you?

7) Have headlice. And scabies. Then try to treat them.

8) Have constipation. And piles. Check what you are prescribing actually works – your patients will love you forever.

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