Psychotherapy and the Dodo

In “Alice in Wonderland”, the Dodo claimed everyone a winner.

In many people’s view, every form of mental health treatment is equally effective. Not so, according to new research. Bulimia, for example, is said to respond better to CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, than other modalities.

So when it comes to psychotherapy, it seems the dodo was wrong. While short-term treatments may produce similar results for some illnesses, such as depression, we shouldn’t assume that the kind of therapy patients receive is essentially inconsequential. Instead we must recognise that some are better for certain conditions than others, redouble our efforts to identify these and improve them, and ensure that the most effective therapies are available to all who need them.

2 Comments to “Psychotherapy and the Dodo”

  1. I think part of the problem is that depression is probably multiple different diseases that just get lumped together because the symptoms are the same. I doubt very much that the etiology of even the majority of depression cases are the same.

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