“I’m Neutralizin’ It!” Fatty Foods with Statin on the Side?

I came across this novel idea in the Wall Street Journal:

By Katherine Hobson

Call it a Happy Meal for your heart.

Researchers from the UK — where, it should be noted up front, you can buy a low-dose statin drug over the counter — suggest that fast-food restaurants could offset some of the cardiovascular effects of their meals by including a statin with that shake.

Authors of the new paper, from Imperial College London, draw from a meta-analysis of statins used for primary prevention of heart problems. They argue that the reduced cardiovascular risk associated with a once-daily dose of most statins is larger than the added risk from the extra fat in a 7-ounce burger with cheese and a small milkshake.

They suggest that a “MacStatin” packet (with the catchphrase “I’m neutralizin’ it”) could be handed out just like salt and ketchup packets, along with a leaflet advising people that the best way to cut heart risk is to eat well, exercise, stay trim and avoid smoking — and to see a doctor “for complete advice.”

via One Burger, Hold the Pickles, and Statins on the Side – Health Blog – WSJ.

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